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Points to Keep in Mind When Using Lube

Are you unsure how to remove silicone? Are you looking for a way to remove silicone from sheets?

Friction is terrible when it comes to love-making; lubrication is beneficial. Not only do well-lubricated surfaces protect sensitive vaginal tissue, but they also refresh the intimate experience.

This content piece aims to discuss a lot about personal lubricants. Lubricants are a component of a vaginal health routine that aims to keep vaginal tissues moist and intercourse enjoyable. This is true for women of all ages, not just those in menopause.

You don’t need to have messy love-making just because you desire dirty intimacy. Here are some of the pointers to help you select and use lube.

  • Make use of one Lube – This is great advice for both young and old (er). It will make your love life more vibrant and pain-free.
  • Try new things – What do you enjoy while getting intimate? Is it better to be thick or slick? Do you prefer it warm or cool? Is it tasty or not? Lubricant preference is as individual as eye color. And there’s no scarcity of options. Natural lubricants are available online and over-the-counter in every imaginable color, flavor, and ecstasy promise.
  • Maintain a good balance – As we become older, our vaginal tissue gets more sensitive. It also has a pH balance that prevents yeast and other infections. By using saliva, oil, petroleum jelly, body massage oils, or anything else that isn’t specifically prepared for the vagina, you can upset the balance or introduce hazardous bacteria.
  • Keep it with you at all times – Lube if it’s kept in the next-door bathroom or any other handy place is best. Keep your lube (or several sorts, depending on the mood that night) next to your bed. Always keep sachets in your purse since you never know what can happen.
  • Examine your lube – Your vagina is deserving of nothing but the best. Furthermore, because vaginal tissue is highly absorbent, those drugs are absorbed directly into your bloodstream. Check the ingredients in any lube you’re considering purchasing. Avoid paraben-containing products and any chemical ending in –paraben.

It’s best if your lubrication is as natural as possible. Water-based lubricants are popular especially among those with allergies or skin irritations.

Removing silicone after a fun night with your spouse seems tough.  Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could obtain a product that would keep your skin protected, clean it, and wash away your lubrication and sex juices? Perhaps something that leaves your skin soft and silky with a pleasant scent?

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