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The Gay Man’s Guide to Lube

Is this the best lube for gay men? How many different types of lube are available in the market? Got these questions?

There are certain Points to Keep in Mind When Using Lube. After much research, we have come up with a guide to these crucial (and sometimes misunderstood) goo lumps known as lube.

You’ll never look at lube the same way again after reading this. So let’s get started.

There are different types of lube available but basically, lubricants are divided into three main categories. There are significant distinctions in how they work, how they feel, and what kind of sex they should be used for. Below are the three main types of lube:

  • Silicone lubricants
  • Lubricants that are based on water
  • Lubricants based on oil

Now it’s time to delve a little deeper into each type.

  • Silicone lubes

This type has a longer duration than the others. This is considered as best lube for anal sex because it has a thicker consistency, is more comfortable, and protects the walls of your anal cavity from scratches and scrapes during sex.

Because the lubes do not include any water, they do not absorb moisture during use. With your best anal lube, you’ll be able to go through anal sex without having to pause too many times to reapply lubrication.

It appears that removing silicone after a wonderful night with your partner is difficult.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could find a product that would protect your skin while also cleaning it and removing your lubricant and sex juices?

Maybe something with a lovely aroma that leaves your skin soft and silky?

Don’t waste time attempting to figure out how to get silicone off your skin or linens. The Lube Cleanser or single-use Lube Cleanser Cloths from The Lube Club will help you clean up your private life. Our products will leave your bedding clean, smelling fresh, and feeling soft to the touch.

  • Water-based lubes

Of all the different types of lube, water-based lubes are quickly absorbed into the anal canal; but you will have to reapply it every few minutes. It could be unpleasant, for the bottom guy, and it’s awkward to have to beg for more lubrication every few minutes.

On the bright side, it can be the best lube for gay men as they are gentle on sensitive skin and won’t irritate your genitalia. When you’re done, there’s a lot less mess and stickiness on your sheets.

  • Oil-based lubes

Olive oil and coconut oil are both beneficial for your skin and taste good (if you like coconuts), so they have a number of uses.

For example, anal to oral has never tasted so fantastic. If you use condoms, however, the latex will become ‘porous,’ allowing your cum to pass through and rendering the condom ineffective. Condoms are also more prone to break when exposed to oils.

These lubes are also a pain to get off the sheets, and after a few hours, coconut oil, in particular, doesn’t smell like a Bounty bar.

This category also includes Vaseline and Crisco. The latter is particularly popular among fiddlers. Crisco, on the other hand, makes a huge mess and damages most fabrics. Put down some plastic sheeting if you’re going to use it for a sex session.

Condoms & Lubes…

The most important thing to understand is that oil-based lubrication degrades latex, which is used in most condoms and hence isn’t suitable for sex. However, compared to silicone or water-based lubes, it is less irritating to your skin.

Silicone-based lube lasts the longest and is the smoothest, making it a good all-rounder. If you’re a lover of using silicone toys, the downside is that it can ruin them.

Water-based lube dries quickly and becomes sticky as well. For a minute or two, it feels amazing, but you’ll need more.

The best lubes for various types of sex

So now that you’ve seen how various lubes can be, how do you choose which ones to use? That, of course, depends on what you’re doing. Silicone is the clear winner when it comes to the best lube for anal sex.

Water-based flavored lubes, or coconut oil if that’s your thing, are the finest for oral sex.

You’ll need a personal lubricant for some private time when masturbating. Avoid water-based lubes because they dry fast and leave your hands sticky. Lubricants based on silicone or oil provide a smoother ride.

If you enjoy fisting, oil-based lubes such as Crisco are the best. Put down a protecting sheet because this is going to ruin your linens.

Share your views on which you think can be the best lube for gay men?

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How to Clean Silicone Lube from Sheets?

How to clean silicone lube from sheets? This is a big question to everyone once the love-making is done.

In this content-piece, we will be looking at all the possible ways of how to clean silicone lube?

Let’s begin!!

It may be tempting to retire to your bed once the party is finished, but cleaning up the debris is essential. Most intimate experiences leave bodily fluids or lubrication on clothing, bedding, and one another, all of which must be clean up at some point. When it comes to keeping your sheets bacteria-free, and clean or avoiding irreversible and humiliating semen stains on your favorite clothing, proper cleaning techniques are essential. There’s a lot to know about how to remove lube stains from sheets to cleaning silicone lube to cleaning the secretions left behind after a little loving.

Water based lubes and silicone-based lubes are the two most common types. Which one you choose to use is a personal choice depending on personal tastes and the use of toys. But it’s crucial to know which one you’re using because cleaning methods differ. Furthermore, lubrication seldom gets on your sheets by itself: the spots that remain after love-making are usually a mix of lube and various human fluids, necessitating extra caution in the cleaning procedure you choose.

While silicone-based lubricant is incredibly effective for its intended function, it is far more difficult to clean than water-based lubrication. Many people prefer the sensation of silicone-based lubricant to water-based lube in the sack, but the lube stains on sheets and clothing should not be neglected. Because the silicone component is considerably more likely to stain than just water, understanding how to remove lubricant stains takes a little more effort than tossing your sheets in the washer and calling it a day.

Silicone stains are similar to grease, therefore cleaning silicone lube out of sheets is frequently more difficult than it appears. Even treatments made expressly to remove silicone-based stains aren’t always effective. So, no matter how hard you scrub, a trace will almost certainly remain. Use the same toy cleaners you use on your adult toys for optimal results, as these compounds are meant to eliminate traces of lubricants and love-making-related fluids.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you get a product specifically to remove lube stains from sheets, with positive results?

The Lube Cleanser is your answer!!

Whether you use silicone lubricant, water, or oil-based lube, our Lube Cleanser will remove the lube off your clothes, bedding, countertops, or anywhere else you and your partner splatter lube.

Don’t feel like washing your towels? Single-Use Lube Cleanser Cloth is also available from The Lube Club. These 5″x7″ wipes are loaded with our specially made lube cleanser and may be used every time you bust. All the mess can be clean up with a single wipe. Don’t worry about smelling laundry if you throw the wipe away.

Don’t get caught trying to figure out how to clean silicone lube off your skin or linens. To clean up your love-making life, use our Lube Cleanser or single-use Lube Cleanser Cloths. Our products will leave your sheets sparkling clean and your skin feeling revitalized.

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Know More About Skin Care & Best Lube for Masturbation

Masturbation is a skill that practically every man has mastered!!

We all like some one-on-one time with ourselves and our bodies because it’s a terrific way to release stress and that bothersome built-up love-making tension, and it also helps us sleep better.

Masturbation is a safe and natural approach to improve our mood, let’s learn more about how we like to be stroked, and relieve stress. With no drawbacks, it boasts a plethora of health benefits.

Where Do I Begin?

Set the tone first. The environment can make a major difference in whether or not you have a nice solo session. Consider turning the lights off or decreasing them. Listening to music that makes you feel seductive or lighting some candles is a great way to start.

Toss in some silicone lubricants. When you’re excited, your body produces its natural lubricant, making masturbation easier and more pleasurable. Silicone lubricants can aid in the enhancement of arousal, the reduction of discomfort, and the eventual improvement of orgasms.

Water based lube is advised since it won’t harm your silicone devices, is easy to wash off, and feels very similar to the body’s natural lubrication.

Masturbation Types

Orgasm does not always have to follow masturbation. It’s exciting to learn and master new techniques while also experiencing and discovering yourself, your erogenous zones, and the erogenous zones that want to be stimulated. Fortunately, there are a variety of masturbation techniques you can use to learn more about yourself.

Anal Masturbation

You can use your fingers or a love-making toy for anal masturbation, while a love-making toy is ideal for deeper or vibrating insertion. You may experience an urgent desire to urinate right before you orgasm, which is produced by contractions around your anal sphincter.

Clitoral Masturbation

Most people use their fingers to play with their clitoris for clitoral masturbation; however, vibrators and other gadgets can also be enjoyed during solitary play. You will experience a tingling feeling along your skin and in your head as you orgasm. Also, read about how to clean silicone in this post.

Vaginal Masturbation

During solitary play, you can penetrate your vagina with your fingers or a love-making object for vaginal masturbation. The tingling sensation in your body will intensify, and your vaginal walls will throb.

Penis Masturbation

To increase the pleasure in your genitals, use your hand in a variety of motions. You can also use your shaft, testicles, or taint to have fun. There are also love-making toys that might help you advance in your game. Play with your genitals with both hands. You can stimulate both your p-spot (prostate) and your penis simultaneously. Even after ejaculation, you will experience a powerful orgasm that may cause you to convulse.

The Best Lube for People with a Vagina

Thousands of nerve endings line your clitoris, making it the most sensitive portion of your genitals. That is why most persons who have a vaginal canal feel orgasm when their clitoris is stimulated. To have a clitoral orgasm, first, massage the fleshy area on top of your pubic bone, then apply strong pressure till you climax. Using a vibrator to stimulate your clitoris without overworking your fingers is a terrific way to do it. Simply go about the area with your love-making toy until you’re ready to exit. Lube cleanser 2 oz or Lube Cleanser 4 oz is best choice for you.

Always use lubrication because the anus does not spontaneously lubricate itself. Silicone lubricants help you to enjoy your love-making time. You can go faster once you begin to enjoy it.

The Best Lube for People With A Penis

Change up your routine as much as possible, and don’t be hesitant to attempt new things. You might begin by shifting your position. Adding silicone lubricants to your session can elevate it, whether you prefer cooling, warming, or tingling sensations. A wide range of ambiance can be felt. Don’t only concentrate on your penis. The nerve endings in your testicles are almost as numerous as those in your penis. Consider tugging down on your balls shortly before you climax to increase your pleasure. Don’t be scared to experiment with some anal play items to see what your body prefers.

Lubes and Moisturizers – and Masturbation

Lubricants and serums are essential for maintaining your genitalia’s health. The most prevalent applications are to boost natural lubrication, make love-making devices safer to use, and enhance pleasurable feelings. People who have painful intercourse or sexual anxiety may find water based lubes are a huge help.

So what are you waiting for?

Silicone lubricants and best water based lube can help you in your next play.

Worried about how to remove silicone? Check out our content piece – Points to Keep in Mind When Using Lube.

Share your comments and feedback on the above piece of content.

Points to Keep in Mind When Using Lube

Are you unsure how to remove silicone? Are you looking for a way to remove silicone from sheets?

Friction is terrible when it comes to love-making; lubrication is beneficial. Not only do well-lubricated surfaces protect sensitive vaginal tissue, but they also refresh the intimate experience.

This content piece aims to discuss a lot about personal lubricants. Lubricants are a component of a vaginal health routine that aims to keep vaginal tissues moist and intercourse enjoyable. This is true for women of all ages, not just those in menopause.

You don’t need to have messy love-making just because you desire dirty intimacy. Here are some of the pointers to help you select and use lube.

  • Make use of one Lube – This is great advice for both young and old (er). It will make your love life more vibrant and pain-free.
  • Try new things – What do you enjoy while getting intimate? Is it better to be thick or slick? Do you prefer it warm or cool? Is it tasty or not? Lubricant preference is as individual as eye color. And there’s no scarcity of options. Natural lubricants are available online and over-the-counter in every imaginable color, flavor, and ecstasy promise.
  • Maintain a good balance – As we become older, our vaginal tissue gets more sensitive. It also has a pH balance that prevents yeast and other infections. By using saliva, oil, petroleum jelly, body massage oils, or anything else that isn’t specifically prepared for the vagina, you can upset the balance or introduce hazardous bacteria.
  • Keep it with you at all times – Lube if it’s kept in the next-door bathroom or any other handy place is best. Keep your lube (or several sorts, depending on the mood that night) next to your bed. Always keep sachets in your purse since you never know what can happen.
  • Examine your lube – Your vagina is deserving of nothing but the best. Furthermore, because vaginal tissue is highly absorbent, those drugs are absorbed directly into your bloodstream. Check the ingredients in any lube you’re considering purchasing. Avoid paraben-containing products and any chemical ending in –paraben.

It’s best if your lubrication is as natural as possible. Water-based lubricants are popular especially among those with allergies or skin irritations.

Removing silicone after a fun night with your spouse seems tough.  Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could obtain a product that would keep your skin protected, clean it, and wash away your lubrication and sex juices? Perhaps something that leaves your skin soft and silky with a pleasant scent?

Don’t get caught trying to figure out how to remove silicone from your skin or linens. The Lube Club‘s Lube Cleanser or single-use Lube Cleanser Cloths will help you clean up your intimate life. Our products will leave your bedding clean, smelling nice, and feeling great on your skin. Your sexual competence in cleaning up after your personal experience will undoubtedly wow your partner(s).

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Clear up your skin and remove the silicone!

When you think of sex, the wetter the better rule applies.

A study conducted by the Indiana University concluded that 70% of the 2,453 women surveyed said that sex was more enjoyable and pleasurable with lube. Carli Blau, sex and relationship therapist and a licensed social worker in New York City, confirms that “needing a lubricant does not mean that you’re not interested in your partner.”

Sex feels great but it can be messy and clean up difficult. Especially when your girl happens to be a squirter or when two (or more) men are involved.

We aim to have clean, fresh, and enjoyable sex with our partners. But the enjoyment is spoiled with the lube stains. Lube stains again?

“My new bedsheets are trashed! Lube stains again! They’re brand new!”

“That lube made me ITCHY!”

“Is that an STD or am I having an allergic reaction to the lube?”

Any of these sound familiar? The Lube Club can help!

Cum is sticky, it can smell weird, and cleaning it up can be a challenge.

Don’t worry!! The Lube Club has the solution.

Made from herbal extracts, no parabens or mineral oils the lube cleanser is safe for all skin types and effective at dissolving cum and lube with a quick swipe. Our hypoallergenic formula is safe for all of us even if you have sensitive skin.

The Lube Cleanser 2 oz & 4 Oz bottle

The Lube Cleanser 2 oz & 4 Oz

Effective for silicon, water, or oil-based lubes – The Lube Cleanser can handle all the lubricants

It easily removes silicone lubricant from the skin, floor, bedding, and furniture. Where ever you get a little mess from your sex, The Lube Cleanser is there to help you clean up afterward.

Being a liquid detergent, the lube cleanser can be easily applied to your skin, sheets, towels, marble, tiles, etc. to safely clean up sexy fluids & lube and leave your skin feeling fresh and glowing. Anywhere you get lube and splooge, you can go with the Lube Cleanser.

In short, it is safe and replenishing for the face and body. Lubricated sex should be accessible, safe, and healthy for all. The Lube Cleanser helps healthy adults maintain their health and sexual activity by removing the mess with a quick wipe.

Effective for silicon, water, or oil-based lubes – The Lube Cleanser can handle all the lubricants wherever they end up, no matter where you and your partner get involved.

Wild sex sessions!! Don’t fret when you have the lube cleanser.

Lube cleanser cloth

The Lube cleanser cloth

The Lube Cleanser Wipes make the job easy and leaves you feeling fresh and always ready

The Lube Cleanser Wipes are there to give you the freedom to fuck wherever, whoever, and however you want. Just sit back and enjoy sex. You can keep these wipes in the car; take them camping, keep them in a nightstand, or to the club. They combo well with condoms, poppers, and lube, even if you are the stick-it-in and spit-on-it type of guy, these wipes are handy for clean-up afterward.

It is always advisable to clean your genitals post-sex sessions with your partner. The Lube Cleanser Wipes make the job easy and leaves you feeling fresh and always ready.

The Lube Cleanser is designed with you in mind. The Lube Club wants you to have the best sex you can have, as often as you want.

Clean up all the mess, always stay fresh and ready for the next orgasm.

Take your sex life to the next level with The Lube Cleanser.

Improving your skin on your ass and legs with Lube Cleanser

SEX is the word that all of us like to think about but all the enjoyment ends once we hook up our focus to the cleaning tasks needed once the fun ends. And that’s fine – no one likes to associate stain/lube removers with laundry, but that doesn’t mean a little tidying up isn’t necessary after a good time. After a night of fun, cleaning (hygiene) is a must for you and your partner’s intimate parts and of the lube-stained sheets too.

Below are the main topics that this content piece intends to cover:

What Is Lube?

Lube is a generic name for lubricants that are used to make sexual action easier. Lube can add an extra level of sensation during penetration; provide different emotions like cooling, warming, or texture, and raise moisture levels, all of which are designed to promote sexual enjoyment and comfort during sex.

In short personal (silicone) lubricants, sometimes known as lube, can be a wonderful way to add a little excitement to bedroom activity for many couples.

Why Use Lube?

Lubrication, whether natural or supplemental, is an important aspect of sexual pleasure, as it helps to avoid injuries and extend activity time. This is especially important during longer sessions, when natural lubricant is insufficient, or any action that requires extra wetness.

Depending on personal preferences, lube can be used only sometimes, during specific sex acts, or at all times. Women who are experiencing a scarcity of natural lubrication, for example, may choose to use lube during these times, whilst some people prefer to have better lubrication at all times. Lubricant is also crucial when using condoms for lengthy periods of time. Since condoms can dry up and lose their elasticity after longer usage – or anal sex, where no natural lubricant is present, can benefit from the lube.

After Sex Cleaning

It may be tempting to hit the sack once the fun is over, but it’s critical to deal with the mess. Most sexual experiences leave bodily fluids or lubrication on bedding, clothing, and one another, all of which must be cleaned up at some point.

Removing silicone lube from the skin on your ass and legs and maintaining hygiene can be a tough part.  Awe don’t fret, The Lube Club has your back!

The Lube Cleanser 2 oz & 4 Oz bottle

The Lube Cleanser 2 oz & 4 Oz

Effective for silicon, water, or oil-based lubes – The Lube Cleanser can handle all the lubricants

The Lube Cleanser is a liquid detergent that can be directly applied to sheets, towels, and your skin (on your ass and legs) to safely remove silicone lube & sexy fluids and leave your skin feeling fresh.

We use a proprietary formula packed with natural herbal extracts, no parabens or mineral oils. It’s hypoallergenic, safe for sensitive skin, furniture, bedding, clothes, wood, marble, and tile surfaces. Anywhere you might get lube and splooge, you can safely use The Lube Cleanser. How to remove lube? will not be a question anymore with the lube cleanser.

When it comes to keeping your sheets clean and bacteria-free or avoiding humiliating and irreversible semen stains on your favorite clothing, proper cleaning techniques are essential. There’s a lot to know about cleaning best practices when it comes to everything from water-based lubricant to the secretions left behind after a little loving’.

We also offer The Lube Cleanser Cloth – a single-use 5”x7” wipes dripping with The Lube Cleanser. These cloth wipes are great for when you just want to wipe up the mess and toss it into the garbage.

Lube cleanser cloth

The Lube cleanser cloth

The Lube Cleanser Wipes make the job easy and leaves you feeling fresh and always ready

Effective for water, silicone, or oil-based lubes – safe for your sheets, skin, hardwood floors, or marble countertops – The Lube Cleanser is ready and able to clean lubricants wherever they end up, no matter where you and your partner get it on. The clean-up process has become easier and you don’t have to think about how to remove silicone from sheets, remove silicone from the floor, and remove silicone from furniture, etc.

As gay men who have gone through many sheets thanks to lube stains, many of us at The Lube Club dreamed of a product that could clean silicone lubricants and save our bedding. Lube stains are annoying, you either have to buy new sheets $$$ or signal your sexual behavior to everyone who comes into the bedroom. Expensive or awkward, now The Lube Cleanser can help you remove silicone lube and save the sheets.

Multiple partners in one evening!!

The Lube Cleanser Cloth is the modern version of washing your junk off in the sink. Keep at home lubricant remover and easily, quickly able to remove lube or anything else that comes with sex off your genitals, leaving your skin feeling, smelling, and looking fresh and clean for the next person you want to share yourself with.

The Lube Cleanser 2 oz & 4 Oz bottle

The Lube Cleanser 2 oz & 4 Oz

Effective for silicon, water, or oil-based lubes – The Lube Cleanser can handle all the lubricants

So what are you waiting for?

Be always ready for your next orgasm.

Sex, and post-sex cleanup, are a part of life. You can keep living your best, hygienic, and stain-free life both in and out of the sheets by following the right techniques for dealing with lubrication and bodily fluids.

The Lube Club wants to help you have the best sex you can have, as often as you want. That’s why we designed The Lube Cleanser with you in mind. On the go or at home, with your special someone or the trick you just met, The Lube Cleanser is always ready to clean up the mess and keep you feeling fresh and your skin hygienic.

Cleaning the lube off you | How To Clean Silicone?

Lube stains on the sheets again? Worried about how to clean silicone?

Here you go!!

Using a silicone lubricant or any other such personal lubricant during sex has now become part and parcel of our lives. It is highly suggested for all couples to make naughty times a lot more enjoyable and to avoid the discomfort that comes with itchiness, and dryness.
Wouldn’t it be amazing if someone made a skin-safe cleanser to wipe-up your lube and sex juices? Maybe something that leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth with a fresh scent? What about a lube cleaner or a post-sex soap?

The Lube Club has you covered. Our liquid Lube Cleanser will have that lube cleaned up off your skin in no time. Specially formulated to clean up body fluids and lubricants, the Lube Cleanser can be applied to a towel or directly on your skin and wiped off easily, cleanly, leaving you feeling fresh.

Whether you use water, silicone lubricant, or oil-based lube, our Lube Cleanser will clean the lube off you and your sheets, or clothes, or counter tops, or wherever you splatter yourself and your partner.

Don’t want to wash your towels? The Lube Club also offers Single-Use Lube Cleanser Cloth. These 5”x7” wipes can be busted out every time you bust and are saturated with our specially formulated lube cleanser. A quick wipe and all the mess is taken care of. Toss the wipe away in the garbage and don’t worry about smelly laundry.

Use the liquid Lube Cleanser to pre-treat dirty laundry if you happen to have an especially wild time. Toss the dirty sheets, towels, or whatever garments you happen to get gooey into the laundry and wash the sex away.

Don’t be stuck wondering how to clean silicone off your skin or your sheets. Try our Lube Cleanser or single-use Lube Cleanser Cloths to clean up your sex life. Our products will leave your sheets clean and your skin feeling fresh. Your partners will be impressed with your sexual prowess cleaning up after your intimate encounter. For how to clean sex toys, you can check out our products on website.

Keep it cute, keep it clean, and keep it sexy with The Lube Club’s Lube Cleanser and Lube Cleanser Cloths. Lube stains on the sheets aren’t cute. Crusty towels aren’t clean. Our products eliminate both, keeping you sexy in the eyes of your partners.
Give these products a try and get the best instant results.

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The Lube Cleanser Sex Wipes! make it easy and leave you feeling fresh. Can Reduce STD and STI’s

Sex is messy. Especially when there’s two men involved, or if you or your lady partner happen to be a squirter. Most of the guys behind The Lube Cleanser Cloth, Wipes are gay, and we know the toil of having to clean up after sex.

Cum is sticky, it can smell funny, and if you use a regular towel, your silicone-based lube might stain it! Countless sheets have been lost to spilled bottles of silicone-based lube. This is why The Lube Cleanser Sex Wipes designed our cleanser towel to remove silicone, and body fluids from you, your sheets, your furniture, the floor – wherever sex happens, The Lube Cleanser Sex Wipe’s got clean-up covered.

Easy, clean, and totally disposable – open a fresh wipe, clean up and discard. They can be thrown away in the garbage or flushed down the toilet, our cloth wipes are environmentally safe and hypoallergenic. Safe for the skin of your most sensitive special places.

As gay men, we know sex isn’t always conveniently located. The Lube Cleanser Sex Wipes give you the freedom to fuck wherever, however, and with whoever you want. Keep them in the car, or in the nightstand, take them camping, or to the club. They combo well with lube, condoms, and poppers, but if you’re the spit-on-it and stick-it-in type of guy, they’re handy for clean-up afterward. The Lube Cleanser is one of the best lube brands for sex toys or other products.

It’s always good to give the genitals a good cleaning after knocking ’em up against your partner. The Lube Cleanser Sex Wipes make it easy and leave you feeling fresh.

The Lube Cleanser Sex Wipes are also sheet-savers. Like other gay men, we love silicone or oil-based lubricants, but they murder your sheets with large, dark stains or spattering patterns of dots that never come out, no matter how many times you washed them. The Lube Cleanser Sex Wipes will cleanse sheets of silicone or oil-based lubricants and all your cummie bears with ease. A quick wipe before washing them will also help cleanse any remains if you had a particularly wild time.

The Lube Cleanser Sex Wipes can also be used before and after using any toys. Silicone, rubber, plastic, wood, metal, and glass devices can all be cleansed with our wipes. This is an excellent standard of care that will help ensure sanitary use of toys, as well as extend the life of the toy itself. Also, get details about Lube Cleanser 2 oz here.

Whether on the go or at home, kinky wild group sessions, or just Friday night with your boo, The Lube Cleanser Sex Wipes are there to help you clean up and maintain all your belongings. You’ll love to use them, again and again, and again.

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