How to Clean up after sex?


Cleaning up after sex does not have to be a chore. Taking simple steps such as gently cleansing the genital area, drinking water, and urinating afterward can go a long way toward reducing the risk of infection. Using the Lube Cleanser Cloth to clean and protect your skin helps to feel fresh and maintain clear beautiful skin.

The Lube Cleanser Cloth makes it easy. Just wipe up your front or back after sex or in between partners. This may reduce the spread of STI and STD's.

In general, you should stay healthy and to stay healthy, people should wash the genitals after anal sex and clean sex toys thoroughly.

Penis care

To maintain a healthy penis, people should:

Gently wash the penis with a lube cleanser cloth after sex. Wash in the shower with our unscented lube cleanser or at least with a mild, unscented soap. Those with a foreskin should gently pull it back and clean underneath to remove semen buildup and smegma. Rinse the area well, pat dry, and replace the foreskin. Wash all around and under your balls.

Anal sex

The skin inside the anus is thin and delicate. Having anal sex can cause small tears and bleeding, which increases the risk of infection and microbe transfer. Harsh chemicals and silicone can prohibit your skin from healing properly.

For these reasons, it is important to clean up with the unscented lube cleanser cloth right after sex, in between partners and take a shower after anal sex. Rinse the area with our cleanser to remove silicone and flush out bacteria. The lube cleanser can be used in the shower.

People may also wish to lay down towels. For this, we suggest a twin bed cover sheet, or you can always have anal sex in the shower to minimize mess.

Oral sex

As with other forms of sexual activity, people should wash their genitals with an unscented wipe before and after receiving oral sex.

Those who perform oral sex may also choose to wash their face, mouth and teeth. Listerine works best afterward. Simply, wipe your skin with our wipe or cleanser cloth.

Cleaning the bed

It is advisable to wash bed sheets roughly once per week. Washing them will remove any sweat, semen, and other bodily fluid, as well as oil and dirt. It also reduces allergy and infection risk.

However, if there is obvious soiling after sex, it is probably best to wash them more frequently. Always was bed sheets between sexual partners.

Research indicates that it may be most effective for infection control to wash textiles at 60°(140°F) and tumble dry them afterward.

Cleaning sex toys

Unwashed sex toys can harbor bacteria, viruses, and fungi, all of which can increase infection risk. to prevent infection, clean sex toys after each use, according to the manufacturer's instructions.

If it did not come with instructions for cleaning, carefully wash it with soap and wipe off with a warm, damp wash cloth. Do not submerge sex toys unless they are fully waterproof.

Also, avoid sharing toys with others. If people do wish to share them, they should cover the toy with a new condom before each use. Even with a condom, however, it will still be necessary to clean the toys between uses.

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